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Hi Missy,


Thank you for making Sue's 50th birthday a success. Sue told me today that she will never forget this birthday and how good you are in the kitchen making every dish a culinary experience hard to find anywhere else.


I just have one problem Sue is not sharing the leftover lemon tart with anyone else :) I guess the rest of us will live on the flavorfully memories from yesterday.



Thanks again for making last evening a night to remember.




HI  Missy,  I want to thank you for the wonderful cakes and vegetable matzah and sweet potato kugles. Everyone enjoyed them . They were all quite perfect.  I think it was our best Seder and dinner yet.  It was a pleasure  working  with you and I have been telling everyone. Even the leftovers (not much ) taste good. Lillian 



THANK YOU! Dinner was excellent and a hit with everyone. You and your husband were amazing. I know my in-laws even spoke of referring you to their co-workers and considering you for future dinners/events. Thank you so much. It was better than I expected. The food was delicious! 


We were all so stuffed afterward, we hardly ate the next day!


Thanks again, and good luck with the business. I'm sure you are extremely busy and in demand. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to ask! TARA RENEE


Hi Missy,

I just want you to know how great and delicious the party was last night.  Everyone loved the lasagna (we should have only gotten the two pans as those were plenty.....but will be happy to have the third for us!!), salads were yummy---especially wheat berry and fruit----and the brownies to DIE FOR.....won't be getting on the scale  before next weekend!  Thanks so much.  It's the first time in my life that making a party hasn't been kitchen torture....thanks to you!


Happy mother's day.....Rachel


Thank YOU.  We just returned from our morning/day downtown.  Everyone is still raving about the dinner last night - and we just remembered we have delicious leftovers waiting for us here!


Missy, we could not have been happier with everything you (and Bob) created for us last night and your wonderful care to make sure everything was perfect.  We were really unsure at the beginning of how we wanted to proceed with this dinner, but we could not have made a better choice!  There is no doubt where we will turn for our future events.


Hopefully you both got a good night's sleep last night!   Thank you so much.


L'shana tovah and hope to see you both soon. 


Amy & Steve